Child Creativity And Its Effect On Children

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Creativity in Children is one of the purest forms of self expression. There is nothing children want more than to openly express themselves free of judgement. Creativity, early on, is an important tool used by children to express personal feelings, thoughts, and experiences. The unfortunate problem seen in America however is the apparent trend, as described by psychologist, of an ever declining collective of creativity within our schools. This indeed is a problem since children use their creativity to make since of the world they live in. It is necessary to provide information to caretakers and providers on the proper techniques and etiquette of fostering creativity in children during the early stages of childhood development. Be that…show more content…
Thanks to the Guilford we today have a better understanding of the roles creativity and divergent thinking plays in early adolescence and into adulthood. A child who has been raised within a creative nurturing environment has a chance to develop better coping skills and more overall acceptable social behavior than say a child who has not and has had to grow up through rigid parenting and/or neglect. It is important to inform caregivers and providers on the proper techniques and etiquettes on how the enhancement of creativity in children during the early stages in child brain development. One of the simplest ways to help cognition and divergent thinking in the brain is sleep. Sleep and creativity have been shown to have positive correlations. A child who has had nine hours of sleep will have a better time learning and retaining information than a child who has had only five hours. Some kindergarten classrooms have recognise the importance of sleep and learning and will allow time for most children to rest knowing that young children 's brains develop faster during REM sleep. Even so, it takes on average ninety to one hundred minutes to fall into REM sleep and in an eight hour day of learning this method of solution can be impractical in the classrooms. Really REM sleep should be taken care of at home. Parents and providers should definitely set a time to lay their children down for resting up until the age of twelve. This is because the child is still experiencing
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