Child Creativity : What Makes Kids Creative And Is It Measured By Intelligence Tests? Essay

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Child Creativity: What Makes Kids Creative and is it Measured by Intelligence Tests? Sydney DeCamp Caledonia Mumford Abstract Today’s education system has become focused on standardized intelligence testing and what works best for the majority. This system, although created to help the masses, is impersonal and only benefits a specific group of students who learn the best through testing. Those students who think creatively and use imagination are left behind. This is why intelligence tests are not accurate measurement of a child’s knowledge as it does not account for creativity and the child’s individual strengths. Changes need to be made within the school system. Instead of focusing on what is “correct” schools should be encouraging problem-solving through the process of making mistakes and failing. This challenges a student to learn about themselves and the world around them. When everything is already laid out for them it is easy to follow. There is no single way of thinking. By making a student have to think on their own it stimulates creativity and allows them to better connect concepts to real world situations. Introduction Every person is born with a unique sense of characteristics and qualities. The ability to think and to use reason is what sets us apart from all other species. But what sets us apart from each other? Imagination and creativity, the ability to generate new ideas, and finding new ways to problem solve are what sets someone
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