Child Custody And Custody Issues

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Child Custody - An Overview
The child custody and visitation landscape has changed. There is a decades' worth of research on the impact of divorce on families to guide divorcing parents. At the same time, these couples face increased pressures from society and the courts to work together to solve custody issues during a time when they are at their deepest emotional distance.

Divorcing parents need to learn the child custody and visitation options that are available to them and the legal standards applied to the different options. They need to balance that knowledge against an unflinching assessment of their ability to work with their former spouse to make a fully informed decision about their children's future. Most divorcing couples are ultimately able to agree on custody and visitation issues without the need for a court order. Knowledgeable advice and representation from an experienced family law attorney often makes the difference in reaching a fair, mutually satisfactory agreement. When an agreement cannot be reached, success at trial may depend on the early involvement of a family law attorney with an established track record in contested custody matters.

Basic Custody Terms
Legally, the set of parental responsibilities regarding day-to-day care of the child as well as the rights to direct the child's
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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where divorcing couples work with a specially trained neutral third party to try and resolve some or all of their disagreements. Couples may choose to reach mediated agreements on issues like child custody while keeping other issues like property division open for a judge to decide. Couples who resolve their custody disputes through mediation can include a provision in their final divorce agreement that makes it mandatory to return to as a means of resolving future custody and visitation
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