Child Detention Essay

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Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach that man to fish and he will never go hungry. The same can be said for behavior correction in our youth. Give the child detention, and he will not be disruptive for a day. Teach that child how to better control their feeling and behavior, and he will make clear-minded and thoughtful choices for a lifetime. Detention is a disciplinary action that tells the student they made a bad choice with their behavior. However, it does not teach the student how to make better behavior choices. Detention has been around for many years as the solution for disruptive and ill-behaved children, however; the rise in diagnosed anxiety disorders among teenagers is 25%. With suicide now the third leading cause of death among young teenagers, (Lynch, 2016) it is clear, detention is not the solution to the problem. Meditation on the other hand, helps the students to focus on themselves instead of the overwhelming external stimuli around…show more content…
Use of the “Mindful Moment Room” includes yoga, stretches, and deep breathing practices. Students also begin and end each day with a 15-minute guided meditation and are encouraged to stay after school for a yoga practice to help decompress from the school day. After using the room, students report that when their emotions start to overwhelm them, they can refer to their breathing techniques, tune out the distracting stimuli, and refocus on their work. Others report a boost in their self-confidence as well as reduced stress and symptoms of depression (Bloom, 2016). Additionally, after an eight-week program called Move-Into-Learning introduced in the Midwest, teachers not only reported a significant drop in hyperactive behavior and inattentiveness among their students, but that these finding were maintained and even improved upon in the following months (Campbell,
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