Child Developement Milestones 0-19 Years Essay

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Child Development Milestones
Child Development Milestones
Age | Physical Development | Communication and intellectual development | Social, emotional and behavioural development. | 0-3 months | * Feeding 5-8 times a day * Sleeping 20 hours a day * Makes basic distinctions within the first month in the sensory capacities; vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, touch, temperature and pain. * Visual exploration and colour perception develops further into months 2 and 3. * Muscle control is developed; control of eye movement, kicking legs and the ability to lift head whilst on stomach. | * Initial form of communication is crying; different form of crying for their needs. * Oral exploration is developed into months 2-3 with
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* Become more interested in small objects, paying attention to them; able to find hidden objects. | * Develop definite ideas of likes and dislikes and will display this; may kick out to show dislike. * Able to show affection; gives cuddles. * Retain the emotional attachment to the mother; however begin to understand comings and goings of people in their lives. * Has more of understanding they are a person; recognises own reflection. | 1-2 years | * Gross motor progression; able to walk and run skilfully, sit on a small chair, push and pull objects, stack objects, climb on and off furniture, grasp and throw objects i.e. ball. * Fine motor progression; can scribble holding a pencil, able to use hand twist and turn i.e. door knob, can tip and pour, use a spoon to feed themselves. | * More exploration and become very inquisitive due to the ability to move around independently. * Can distinguish between ‘you’ and ‘me’ and is aware of ‘mine’. * Memory is improved and able to remember past events, people, animals, objects etc. * Vocabulary is increased, able to say more complex words; from around 10 at 15 months to as many as 100 or more between 18 months to 2 years. * Begin to understand similar items and objects that belong together; crayon and paper; matching and fitting with simple puzzles. | * Still very dependent on parent’s and wary of being left alone. * Enjoys
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