Child Development And Childhood Development

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Child Development 2 to 5 Years
By creating a decent understanding of parenting strategies and childhood development, this will help parents understand and comprehend exactly what to expect and how to provide what their child needs during each developmental stage of their life. All parents can benefit, also those who work with children can benefit greatly by increasing their knowledge, awareness and understanding of overall childhood development. The stage of child development I have chosen to discuss is 2 to 5 years old. This developmental stage is often referred to as the “preschool years” where children learn a great deal. The reason I chose this stage is because I believe it is very broad and quite a bit goes on during this stage in a child’s life. When a child begins to take the first steps on their very own, they are free to explore and roam around their own little world; this opens up a brand new phase of development. During the preschool years, children are able to take huge leaps in language development, discover independent nature, self/emotional regulation and rapid physical and intellectual development. As preschoolers enter and exit the “terrible twos,” their language skills change radically. Parents, caregivers and other family members play a strong role and influence on a child’s development of language and pre-literacy skills. The number of words a child can say during this stage increases not only highly but also very quickly. When children reach 2 years of
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