Child Development And Family Studies Essay

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Child Development and Family Studies is a very important field of study. Being able to study how infants’ progress through maturity allows professionals to be able to make improvements that will enhance children’s growth throughout the years. Through extensive research Child Development and Family Studies professionals have been able to demonstrate how important a child’s surroundings are toward their development. Everything that children encounter in their lives, especially in the early years has an outcome on their personal growth and achievement. This empowering information gathered by Child Development and Family Studies professionals allows the formation of bills. As a result of research, bills regarding children development get created in order to improve communities. There are many bills created on ways to improve the lives of children. In order to determine the effectiveness of a bill there should be extensive research that supports the claims of why a bill can be beneficial for the community. Child Development and Family Studies professionals assist communities by incorporating themselves into the social policy process. This process includes examining a bill carefully, its background, and the related research on that specific bill. One of the current bills in California that relate to children is H.R.375 - Total Learning Act. James A. Himes presented this bill on January 14, 2015. The purpose of this bill is to set up programs that will enhance the development of
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