Child Development And Its Effect On Children 's Health And Development

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To raise a healthy child, there must be many factors incorporated with the child’s development, such as safety, money, and healthy, stable, and loving parents to take care of the child. In case one of the critical factors is missed, the child and his/her parents would face a variety of obstacles. One of the essential factors that influence child development is money because many life aspects depend on money, for example, how much money the parents make decides whether the child would participate in preschool or not, and it also decides the quality of the preschool. Furthermore, money influence the kind of food people eat, and how nutrition it is. These decisions have an impact on the child development and the child’s future.…show more content…
(Pollitte, 1994) As reported by Lefmann and Combs-Orme (2014), children who live in poverty suffer from various disadvantages such as chronic diseases, behavioral and emotional issues, malnutrition, educational achievement, and the most critical issue they face is prenatal stress. Prenatal stress is described as the exposure of the mother to high levels of stress while pregnant. The stress that the mother experiences while pregnancy doesn’t only affect her, but also the baby. Moreover, Lefmann and Combs-Orme noted that prenatal stress disturbs the fetus’ brain development, and social well-being because the stress hormones from the mother stimulates the placenta to also produce stress hormones, which as a result would affect the fetus. In case of severe stress early delivery can occur. Nevertheless, multiple factors could cause prenatal stress, like “food insecurity, substandard housing, violence, and other environmental factors associated with poverty” (Lefmann & Combs-Orme, 2014). Based on what Lefmann and Combs-Orme stated, poor population goes through a lot of stressful events such as crime, and these events leave a greater impact on poor people’s lives comparing with wealthy or middle-class people. Also, poor individuals have less opportunities in many aspects of life, like housing, or jobs. As a result, this could lead to stress (Lefmann & Combs-Orme, 2014). Social work is excellent in helping parents to minimize
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