Child Development And Its Effects On Children

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According to the UNICEF, an alarming number of children around the world who are convicted for various crimes are usually deprived of their needs and rights and held in detention without sufficient care. While the condition stresses on the improvement of these children, still there are issues of severe deprivation. Moreover, most of them are not been liked and yet are being held for months, often without access to legal aids, resulting that the majority of children come to conflicts with law. Some of these children are from the disadvantaged populations who are criminalized for simply lying for survival. Frequently, the children are held under deplorable and inhumane conditions. No child is ever born as a criminal. It might be their surroundings, the peer group, improper socialization, and lack of parental care, which give raise to the delinquent behavior among children. The child development is not only meant by taking care of the basic biological needs of the children but also providing them proper socialization and extra development for the child. Providing the children with protective cover through strict warning and rigid restrictions are not the solution to prevent the delinquent behavior. The parents need to provide gentle guidance and create close communication to help the children to come under the protective cover. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) which was conscripted by the UN Commission on Human Rights, aimed at protecting and supporting the
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