Child Development And Program Design

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Aileen McGee
Professor Anderson
Child Development and Program Design
Classroom Architecture Project

Early childhood classrooms are made with love and excitement by the teachers. Classrooms are created every year for a new group of students with purpose and meaning. Teachers spend hours on end to make their upcoming year one to remember for their students. Teachers work to create a safe environment, after all children spend more hours in school than their homes. According to Curtis and Carter (2003), “the environment is the most visible aspect of the work done in the schools. The layout of the physical space is welcoming and fosters encounters, communication, and relationships. The arrangement of structures,
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I want to teach my children to grow up to be fearless, outstanding citizens of the community. I want to teach my children that they can move mountains as long as they work hard. My classroom philosophy would be like that of Friedrich Froebel, which he described it to be as a “garden.” The students would be my flowers I will help them bloom on a daily basis, and sprinkle knowledge into their young minds. Froebel’s (2010) classroom activities are still being taught around the world with teachings of “singing songs, learning finger plays, gathering at circle time, building with blocks, playing with puppets, engaging in spontaneous play, and planting a garden. (p.75). These are all wonderful activities to implement into an early childhood curriculum.
John Dewey’s philosophy of early childhood education would also reflect my educational philosophy. According to Dewey (2004) his philosophy was “the purpose of education was full and productive involvement in the perpetuation of democracy.” (p. 68). Children need guidance from adults “to function as productive citizens and healthy individuals.” Dewey believed in “democratic life skills that include the ability to see one’s self as a worthy individual and a capable member of the group, express strong emotions in nonhurting ways, solve problems ethically and intelligently, be understanding of the
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