Child Development Assignment : Children, Part 1, And It Is Written By Kenneth Barish

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Child Development Assignment 2 1. a. The article I chose is from Psychology Today, September 8, 2014. It is entitled, How to Have a Well-Behaved Child, Part 1, and it is written by Kenneth Barish, Ph.D. b. The article discusses the behaviour of children today, commonly suggested solutions, and what the writer has found in his experience to be the best form of discipline. c. The intended readership are parents and other caregivers of children. d. The goal of the article is to inform readers of practices they can do to have well-behaved children, resulting in raising caring and responsible adults. 2. Summary of the news article: Kenneth Barish, Ph.D. (Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology at Weill Medical College, Cornell University and author of Pride and Joy: A Guide to Understanding Your Child 's Emotions and Solving Family Problems) believes children should be well-behaved and offers reasoned suggestions for parents to successfully discipline their children. The writer states that the key is to be available, attentive, engaging, and vocal about how they are of their children, but also set limits and make sure that expectations and lines are made clear. The writer believes good behaviour is contingent on the development of a moral identity and that the end goal of discipline is for children to develop their own self-discipline to carry throughout the rest of their life. 3. a. The author does not state what type of research he based his conclusions on. However, the

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