Child Development Case Study

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The Campbell Child and Family Center (CCFC)is a high-quality early childhood education program in Durango, Colorado. The CCFC uses the Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood, which incorporates Jean Piaget’s work on cognitive development to establish developmentally appropriate learning programs for preschool children. I observed N for approximately 20 hours at the CCFC where he has been a student since November 2012. N is almost four years old and lives with his mom, dad, and older brother. N attends the Lightning Bugs structured preschool program with 14 other students. The adult-child ratio of the Lightning Bugs room is 1:8.
Literature Review
During early childhood or the preschool years, cognitive skills develop rapidly,
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According to Piaget’s (1964) theory of cognitive development, N was asking questions in order to both assimilate the new information with his already existing schemes and to accommodate or modify his existing schemes in order to incorporate new information obtained from the book. Another example of N’s ability to use and comprehend language effectively occurred while N was getting ready to play outside. The teacher went up to N and said, “Do you need help putting on your gloves?” N replied, “Gloves have fingers, I don’t”. The teacher replied, “Yes, you have mittens”. This example shows N effectively uses language to communicate and demonstrates N understood the difference between two items in the same class (gloves and mittens).
Attention and Concentration
Another rapid advance in cognition during the preoperational stage is the continued development of attentional and concentration skills including the ability to understand and follow three or four commands with few or no prompts (Nelson & Warner, 2007). N demonstrated his ability to understand and follow multiple commands one morning after breakfast. The class was instructed to put their plates in the garbage, brush their teeth, and line up for morning gathering time. N got up from the table, put his plate in the garbage, brushed his teeth (with one prompt) and got in line with the rest of the class. An example of N’s ability to follow multiple commands with
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