Child Development Chart from Birth to 19

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Child physical, communication and intellectual, social, emotional and behavioural development from birth to 19 years.

Physical development
Communication and intellectual, social development
Emotional and behavioural development
0-2 months
Knows mother by her smell. Will turn head toward sounds. Is only able to see clearly a distance of around 2 feet
Has different
Response to mothers and fathers. Tends to be calm and relaxed with mother. Is forming strong bond to mother Begin to be excited and active around father. Can copy facial expressions of adults for example smiles or frowns
When the parent responds to the baby’s cries, the baby learns how to control his or her emotions and to calm him/herself down
3 months
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Walks using arms for balance
Screams to get something.Points to named toys,people.Points at things when he/she wants them.Obeys simple instructions such as ‘give me your teddy’.Can build tower of two with bricks.Uses both hands to hold pencil.Can scribble.Likes to watch what is going on outside window.Curious with new people.Helps more with dressing.Chews larger pieces of food,Better usage of spoon,fork,cup.
Needs constant attention due to getting in to mischief
Loves to throw toys away in fun.Likes pull along toys.Really enjoys books pat the pages while looking at pictures.Shows a lot of affection to family
18 months
Walks very well.Runs but not when things are in the way.Comes backwards downstairs or bumps on bottom.Squats and kneels when playing.Can move large boxes and toys
Scribbles backwards and forwards can make dots.Can build three block tower.
Understand many more words.Chater to self while playing.Uses between 6 to 20 words when wants something ,still shouts.Obeys simple request for example’bring me your plate’.Gives toy or other objects when asked. Recognises and points to body parts.Can help undress her/himself but still can not dress on his/her own.Can use cup without lid spills a little,holds cup with both hands.Can feed self but still plays with food.Does not suck on toys any more.Able to put toys away by self.Likes learning about different object sizes.
Recognise familiar faces from further away.Still needs familiar
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