Child Development Explanations And Understanding

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Child development explanations and understanding is a complicated process and it is hard deciding the right process to use with each child. Many individuals and doctors have their own way of thinking how the body and mind develops. Their ideas have no right or wrong answers and are mere guesses of human growth. No one idea can be applied directly to a person, without looking at another idea also. To prove these explanations of psychology, scientific methods are used. Teachers may use all patterns of ideas in their lesson planning for children.
Teachers choose what ideas to apply in the classroom by what is best proven, and what is in the best interest of the child. They must also look at what has been effective in their teaching in the past. If the idea does not work, then it should be removed from the class, replaced or changed. Each idea has their strong points as well as their weak ones. To avoid the extreme differences in psychology opinions of the ideas you must use the common methods offered. It is hard for teachers to apply one idea to different children, this is due to the fact that none of use grow up the exact same way. For children to have the chance of becoming who and what they want, we must not put all of them in the same box, this is to keep choice free in life. To summarize it definitely helps when you understand the great philosophers and their processes.
Theorist Jean Piaget, believed that individuals add and change their points of view of
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