Child Development : Frank 's Memoir

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Child Development
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Child Development Frank 's memoir explores a lot about childhood till adolescent development. Out of the family relations Anne Frank had as well as her physical development in an extremely difficulty environment, one can effectively analyze her life in the context of several child development theorists and concepts (Frank, 1997, p. 45). Powerful as well as poignant diarisitic memoir, Anne Frank’s work during her time with her family hiding in a little attic when Amsterdam was under Nazi occupation in the 2nd World War is highly regarded globally. Although Anne 's diary is often considered as an important document of childhood growth as well as discovery of a teenage girl, it has had an enormous effect as a narrative which details the difficulties Jewish citizens faced under the Nazi Party amid the most horrible years of the 2nd World War. Her honest portrayal of time in hiding, placed against the background war, offers a straightforward view into the most tragic period of human history. As Frank (1983) puts it, many have commended Anne’s work as principally just an intimate adolescence account (p. 40). For these it is of just minimal importance that Anne took refugee with her family in an upper room in old Amsterdam; of essential significance is her frankness in illustrating the growing up experience. Regularly she was hard to live with. Pressures were merely inescapable for eight
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