Child Development Interview Essay

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M. White
March 4, 2011
Child Interview Questions 4-12

Emotional Development:

Are you afraid of anything?
Yes, when my mom walks to the gas station and when she takes a long time to get back it scares me.
I am afraid of spiders, because when I watch them on TV and they are in people’s bed and houses and if they bite you it makes a giant bite mark as big as a your hand, its inside is blue and the outside is red.

What makes you angry?
When people talk about me and my brother

Who do you look up to and why?
My dad, because he has a good job and he can be lazy whenever he wants to and he gets to buy whatever he wants.

What makes you cry?
I cry when my mom or dad gets mad at me and they scream at me. Why do they
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A friend is a person in school you like to be around and being a friend they like to play with you and sometimes you can call them best friend like me and Jalen.

What do you and your friends talk about?
We mostly talk about Ben 10 because it’s an AWESOME show! Jalen,
Jan Kelly, and I like to talk about games we should play outside when at school on the playground.

Bryce enjoys being around his friends and enjoys the extracurricular activities they get to participate in. He does a great job in expressing his idea and viewpoint on things he is passionate about and receiving feedback on even though I think sometimes feedback from his peers doesn’t matter to him. Most times in group or when with teachers Bryce is the example child or the child that would be most trusted to be the leader but if chosen not to be the leader he does good in following directions.

Cognitive Development:

Memory test: items and ask the child what items they remember.
I showed him a picture of a ball, pencil, the number 8, a book, a toy car, and a chair. He remembered the number 8 because that’s how old he was, the chair and ball because they were too easy, and the toy car because he loves cars.

How do you remember the things you need to do in school?
I don’t know I’m just smart and my brain works really good! If I forget to do something like not follow
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