Child Development Is An Inevitable Process For All Children

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There will come a time when a child learns how to sit, stand, talk and walk on his/her own. Children are adventurous specimen in the midst of child development. Child development is a process that all children encounter in order to reach their developmental milestones. Developmental milestones are sets of skills every child will learn at specific periods in his/her childhood. Because every child is unique, developmental milestones are not due to be achieved at the same time. Child development is contingent on (but not solely) the way in which a parent decides to raise his/her child. A parent can decide to raise a child using one of the following parenting style techniques: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive-indulgent and permissive-uninvolved. With the four parenting style techniques aforementioned, a parent has the power to impact the process of child development.
Child development is an inevitable process for all children. A “successful” child is determined by a “successful” developmental process. A successful child constitutes as a child that uses his/her abilities in order to develop important skills. A successful child will use his/her newfound skills in order to acquire positive experiences, which in turn will provide a strong sense of self and the confidence to accomplish new goals. Parents who are willing to gain more knowledge about and improve on their parenting skills will create successful children. The parenting skills aforementioned are also referred to…
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