Child Development Is An Umbrella Term That Includes Social, Emotional, And Physical

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Incarcerated Caregiver

Elizabeth Gonzalez
CDFS 411
Fall 2015 Child development is an umbrella term that includes social, emotional, and physical. There may be many instances in a child’s life that may put a hold on any or all of the aspects of development. Having one or both parents sentenced to a substantial amount of time in prison definitely has a negative impact on a child’s development. The bill, which will be further discussed, proposes the proper use of resources to ensure a healthy development of children whose parents have been incarcerated. Though no specific budget is discussed nor any specific programs, the ideas suggest by the bill can be highly effective, as supported by empirical research. There are numerous amounts of bills reviewed on a daily basis. André Carson, a representative for Indiana’s 7th congressional district, stands proudly behind the bill: “Recognizing the importance of providing services to children of incarcerated parents.” This particular bill was referred to the committee on the 17th of June of 2015. It is currently pending to be reported by committee, and ultimately agreed to. This bill informs its reader about the increase of incarcerated parents in the last 20 years: 80%. While the number of incarcerated parents is steadily increasing, the resources available to the children of these parents have not increased. As imagined, having a parent behind bard can be traumatizing to a child at any child, and
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