Child Development Midterm Essay

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CHFD215: Child Development Midterm Exam

Instructions: Below you will find two questions for each of the eight Berk text chapters we have covered so far. One type of question requires you to connect with course content and the other requires you to apply it. Thoroughly and succinctly answer one question for each chapter (e.g. 1a or 1b but not both, 2a or 2b but not both). Your answers should be written in complete sentences and should demonstrate understanding of the material. This exam assesses your learning and comprehension, so show off your scholarship. Answers should be stated in your own words. Copy/pasted quotes and statements lifted directly from the textbook will not be accepted.
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Chapter 4

4b Application: After several weeks of crawling, Benji learned to avoid going headfirst down a steep incline. Now he has started to walk. Can his mother trust him not to try walking down the steep surface? Explain, using the concept of affordances.

Affordances are action possibilities. Since Benji figured out how to crawl down the steep incline an knows that it is possible he will then try to walk down it. Mom needs to be aware of this and be available till he masters that skill.

Chapter 5

5b Application: Lucia had a mild brain hemorrhage shortly after birth. Using what you know about brain plasticity, explain why her doctors believe her mental development will be normal, or near normal.

Brain plasticity would allow the brain to make up for areas that cannot do its job. When the brain is that young the specific jobs so to say are not given yet. All sections of the brain have a high capacity for learning. Once the hemispheres laterized this cannot be done as easily.

Chapter 6

6a Application: Brett's preschool teacher creates many opportunities for
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