Child Development Observation Essay

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I. Settings of observation Observer visited a play place of a restaurant in New Jersey, Hackensack. Why I have chosen the place is easy to observe every part of child development such as cognitive, social emotional, language as well as physical at the same time. Observer performed the observation on April 28 from 1 pm to 3pm. The child was an Asian boy. He has strait short black hair with dark brown eyes and thin black eye brows. His height looked around 37 inches that he may be a little smaller than other early childhood children. He looks thin and has a full set of teeth inside his mouth, full cheeks, and a small button nose. When he first arrived in the room he used his hands to try to undo his zipper on his sweatshirt, but he…show more content…
He also understands the concept of counting and knows a few numbers. When he felt hunger, he asked to his caregiver to give him grapes and he counted how many grape he ate only using a few numbers. He was playing with toy cars which were able to connect two toy cars in one with a hook, but it was easily disconnected. After a few times of trying to connect the toys and he realized that it would happen again he went up to his caregiver and told her that it would not fit and asked for help. During meal time, his caregiver was trying to feed him balanced nutrient, but he seemed to have a habit which was eating only what he wants. Despite his caregiver mixed all the foods for avoiding his picky eating, he remained foods except what he liked to eat. He knows what is same or different even his caregiver used fake. He spoke to other friends and adults. He was able to speak with mastered some basic rules of grammar in sentences of 5-6 words. His speech was clearly enough for strangers to understand moreover when an adults asked him “Have you been to the theater?” He replies and answered a short story about his experience. He played with two girls in the play place. He picked up one of his toy car and gave it to them. He tried to explain them the toy how to play. He was also holding hands with one of his friend, brought her over to the toy house put her inside, shut the door and walked away. Once his caregiver showed him children’s TV
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