Child Development On A Concept Of Attachment And Behavior That Are Measured From The Ethological Evolutionary Perspective

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The earlier version of the paper was organized while the initial author was the fellow of a Center for Study in the advanced field of Behavioral Sciences. The paper was presented during the annual American Psychological Association meeting in September 1968 at symposium conducted in Francisco. The study focus on child development on a concept of attachment and behavior that are measured from the ethological evolutionary viewpoint Attachment exploration and behavior are in balance view, and a biological importance of each is discussed. The illustration of this concept is conducted through a study where 56 white are reported, middle-class infant, and age of 49-51 weeks, in the strange situation. Mother’s presence was again found exploratory…show more content…
In summary, it is recommended that a concept of attachment and the attachment behavior should be kept wide enough to realize the spectrum of the many findings that lies within this range of the studies. Author’s main point The primary role of the article is to emphasize some unique characteristics of the ethological-evolutionary idea of the effect. It is through citation of the reports concerning the interactions among the toddler attachment conduct with other behaviors highlighted above. It is to show the interaction in which reports of behaviors exhibited by one-year-old who is in a strange state of affairs; and to consider behaviors which are parallel among weird-situation behavior and the behavior reported by other clinical, experimental and observational contexts. Main points and details of the experiment According to (Grady, Melissa, Levenson, & Tess p.19-23), the expression implies an ethological perspective and evolutionary; it has suggestions that are not shared necessarily by others who have different theoretical approaches. The attachment of infant-mother is conceived to be related to the separation of anxiety (Swanepoel, Annie, et al p.36-43) and the fear of the strange people and the strangers (Fletcher, Helen & Gallichan p.8). The belief that interrelationship that exist between the behaviors shade light on the biological roles of the attachment which exist among the mother and the infant child. They
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