Child Development

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The Montessori method of education is one of the very unusual approaches of educating young children that has been based on the experiences and research of educator and physician Maria Montessori (1870–1952). The method basically arose from what Dr. Montessori’s discovered and named it the “the child’s normal nature” back in 1907 (Montessori, 1972). This happened during one of her experimental observations with young children who had been given the freedom they need d in an environment that was fully prepared with all the materials and was specifically designed to support their self-directed learning experiences (Montessori, 1977).

Factor generating an amazing child

Law of Will

A child’s development of will has
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She argued that, the only way to be bale to help a child is if we know the Nature of the child, since then we are in a good position to help him to fully develop all of his inner powers so that he can grow from being a helpless creature into a responsible mature citizen. This approach by Montessori thus values the believe that a child’s main goal since birth is to just but develop all of his potentials according to a certain physic pattern that he does possess even before his birth (Montessori, 1977).

In real practice, Montessori method has only been applied with some kind of varying degrees of strict adherence to the main philosophies, though it is generally agreed that they all somehow subscribe to some of her writings (Polk and Montessori, 1988). The result has been that there are some people who strictly adhere to either one of these philosophies, while there have been another group that have seen it wise to develop a unique concepts all based on interpretation of her philosophies and writings. There are thus several concepts that are now widely accepted by several practitioners and which are said to be consistent with the teachings of Montessori method. These concepts have been developed from different
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