Child Development

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The Parents’ Role in Creating a Safe Environment for Child Development A sweet, innocent, newborn baby is taken home by the parents for the very first time, which means that it is now the parents’ vital responsibility to create a secure home for their child. Since children’s learning foundation is built in the home from the time they are born, it is important for parent’s to create a safe learning environment as their child grows and develops. Parents can create a safe learning environment in the home in order to support their children throughout the different milestones, by creating secure parent to child attachments starting at birth, by helping the brain and personality develop, and by keeping objects and spaces safe for each stage.…show more content…
Next, secure attachments are a mental process that create loving relationships.
Secure parent to child attachments can be created on the foundation of love. Love means so many different things, and shown in so many different ways. Love is sacrifice, selflessness, respect, and kindness. It is definitely shown in a secure relationship between parents and children throughout all milestones as they develop. There is something so special between the love of a parent and child. A quote by Burmenskaya, proves this statement, “Attachment keeps its role as an active mental mechanism in creating interpersonal relations, including friendship, love and family relations” (Burmenskaya 389). Attachments can also create success when parents help their children form self-worth, empathy, and autonomy first at birth, and can continue as they grow. Burmenskaya’s article continues to expound on the idea that parents need to create an attachment not just from the time their child is born, but as he/she continues to grow, because this influences the child’s personality. For example, “We saw the advantage of attachment system in the fact that psychological education integrates the experience of the child’s close interactions beginning from infancy in a concentrated way, and on the other hand, it is connected directly with emotional / personality sphere” (Burmenskaya 399,

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