Child Development : Play And Play

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Child Development
Children come into the classroom with different experiences and personalities so they exhibit a variety of ways to engage in play. Some children engage in observational play and learning while others engage in social play. Children engage in different types of play that are inter-connected. I was aware of child-initiated play, parallel play and cooperative play but I did not consider observing as part of play. As a teacher, it is important for me to conduct observations to help me understand what stage a child is in during play, so I can help them bridge the child’s play to the next stage, if necessary.
According to my Observations
Taylor is in the observational play stage which can lead to other play styles such as solitary, onlooker, parallel, associative play and cooperative play according to Parten’s Stages of Play
Robinson, Anderson, Porter, Hart, & Wouden-Miller, 2003.pp. 3-21.). These play styles also help a child’s social development. I will need to continue to complete observations on Taylor to determine what stage of play is engages in and how that stage is affecting her social development. Through observations I came to the conclusion that Taylor is slow to warm up to new people and unfamiliar environments. She is an observer during play and also watches people to get to know them before forming attachments. I was aware of the importance of trust to form attachments leading to social development but did not understand how observational learning
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