Child Development Reflections

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There are many key factors that play into a child’s development, the most important of these: the early childhood educator. The early childhood educator plays the role of primary influence in the child’s life, encouraging relationships between parent and child and establishing relationships between parent and teacher, helping the child’s skill set expand and they’re mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities to grow. The feelings I get when I become a influential force in a child’s life along with there thirst for knowledge and life around them is what excites me about working with young children, t touching them spiritually and help them become all that they can be.

The early childhood educator is an individual who accepts the role
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The age group is wonderful and I thought that I would love to teach in a preschool some day and work with 3 and 4 year olds all the time. Another thing that furthered my interest in early childhood education was being enrolled in the ROP Child Development and Education program. Through this program, I was able to work in a real preschool setting, learned to create my own lesson plans and activities, and also was able to try out working in an elementary school in a kindergarten class. I had much more fun in the preschool and was able to really ground my goal to become a preschool teacher one day. I had so much fun in the ROP program and learned so much more than I could ever have hoped to learn.

The most interesting thing about young children is their zest for life. Sometimes as adults, we get caught up in the stresses of life – bills, family, school, work, household chores- that we forget about what’s really going on around us. Children only concentrate on the ‘now’ and what it means for them. When it’s raining they want to know were the droplets came from, how they got there, and where the little drops are going. If it is sunny they want to know how the ground gets hot and why the sun is yellow. Tomorrow is of no concern, because for them today has enough in it. A child’s ability to accept everyone for who they are, as they are, is another thing that draws me to children. It makes me happy to watch a child in a wheelchair playing trains with a child with two
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