Child Development: Scaffolding

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Choosing a child to interact with is a complicated process; however I have decided that my niece, Paige, with whom I spend a comfortable amount of time is a great candidate for this assignment. She is at ease in my presence and I can accurately assess her developmental level without too much bias. At two years old, Paige is in Piaget’s preoperational stage of development, which is characterized by the ability to use symbols and language to “represent objects in the environment.” Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development include the abilities: “visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, planning ahead, and caution.” Developmentally, Paige is not exceptionally advanced in the preoperational stage, as her language skills are not fully…show more content…
She will imitate my actions and ideally successfully make up the bed. Before beginning the task I took the time to explain to Paige exactly what it was she and I would be doing. I engaged her attention by first modeling the task. As stated earlier, I wanted to be as engaging as possible, thus I exhibited a lot of enthusiasm about making the bed, which proved to elicit the reaction I had hoped for. I tugged the fitted sheet on the bed as if it were physically strenuous, to which she laughed. I then tossed the blanket on the bed in a lofty manner, and meticulously arranged the pillows. I had her attention, and as I predicted she seemed eager to engage in the task. I was able to gauge her interests by her smile and attentiveness. I asked Paige to try and make the bed on her own, putting the Zone of Optimal development theory into practice. Although I had previously assessed her abilities, I needed to see how accurate my assessment was in order to see how I might assist her. Fortunately, my assessment was fairly accurate. Paige approached the bed with an exciting, yet skeptical look. She used imitation, gross and fine motor skills to try and put on the fitted sheet, however she struggled to secure it on the mattress. I asked Paige if she needed my help and she responded with a nod of her head. I approached the bed and decided to (as I suggested earlier) make up one side while she did the other,
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