Child Development Theories

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Child Development: An Examination of Three Theories There are a lot of theories regarding child development. Three of these theories are Bioecological Theory, Social-Cognitive Theory and Information-Processing Theory. This paper will discuss these theories by comparing and contrasting them. The first theory is the Bioecological Theory developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner. This theory is based on the nature vs. nurture idea. Bronfenbrenner believed development of a child was determined by the relationships among the environment or environmental systems around them. Within this environment there are five distinct systems which are related to a child’s relationship with the school environment, family environment and their…show more content…
With the inclusion of these three theories among others, into the mental health care field one can see the similarities of these theories. All three of these theories deal with the environment of a child, the learning process by which the child was exposed, the development of the cognitive ability of the child and by the social development of the child. All three theories believe the environment plays an important part in the cognitive development of children. They each believe it has an impact on how the child learns and develops. They all agree when there is a disruption of the process such as the child being subjected to mental or physical neglect or abuse the child can grow to be developmentally challenged or develop a mental illness as a result. What may be harder to determine is the differences in these three theories. The outcome of each would seem to be the same. Each theory is based on cognitive development and the relationship the environment has on that development. What we may need to look at is how these three theories seem to think this development is attained. With Brofenbrenner’s theory of Bioecological development, he believed a child goes through five distinct systems and learns their cognitive ability within each system while being exposed to the environment which
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