Child Development Within An Undergraduate Course

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My target child is Wyatt, he is four years old. Wyatt is slender, small-boned, and of medium height. He has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Wyatt’s favorite activity is home-living, where he gets to act out dramatic play; he is usually a happy, friendly child, who plays and gets along with all his classmates. Wyatt enjoys coloring, playing outside, tractors, and ice cream. The purpose of this case study is necessary for study of child development within an undergraduate course. The Child Development and Family Studies Center is a high quality environment. The size of the center permits the directors and the caregivers to be flexible in meeting each individual child needs. The entryway is welcoming to parents, children, and lab students; it’s monitored so that the staff members are aware of everyone entering and leaving the building. I was placed in Ms. Clarissa and Mrs. Sharon’s four year old classroom; the atmosphere is bright and pleasant. There are many centers in the classroom such as: art, science, music, and math that attempts to develop the student’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and abilities. Being in centers allows children to visually express themselves, make decisions, cooperate and sharing with others, and problem-solving. I love that the center is child centered and is base Physical/Motor Physically, since birth, Wyatt has developed normally. During infancy, Wyatt was able to sit up without assistance when he reached the age of seven months.
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