Child Development and Learning Focusing on Language Development

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Child development and learning focusing on language development This essay is about a child’s development and learning, focusing primarily on language development. It will describe the main stages of developmental "milestones" and the key concepts involved for children to develop their language skills, discussing language acquisition and social learning theory. The essay will also look into the key theorists involved in language development, primarily Vygotsky and Chomsky, and how these theories have had an impact on the way society views language and their implementation within schools. The essay will describe the factors affecting language development, both biological and environmental. While also discussing key arguments among…show more content…
Kehliy (2009) suggests children have four basics needs; the need for love and security, new experiences, praise and recognition and responsibility. Children have the potential to develop to their full capacity with these needs met. Maslov in his hierarchy of needs highlighted that children need their basic needs met before they can develop onto the next stage. He proposed five key levels; physiology, safety, belongingness, esteem and self-actualisation. Each level needs to be fulfilled to process to the next. With this in mind Maslov’s theory suggests that children and adults cannot reach their full potential unless there needs are met. This theory is strongly represented within the social services sector and within the care sector (Green, 2009). Smidt (2006) highlighted that the way in which childhood is perceived changes overtime; adults construct an image of what childhood should be. The images of childhood and the way children are perceived are influenced by economics, politics, religion and class. This is evident within theorists’ differing views of children and their theories and helps us to understand why these differ. Smidt (2006) suggested all areas of development are strongly interrelated thus a delay in language development, for example, can hinder the child’s social or emotional development. For children to understand emotions they need to discuss their feelings, so require the social interaction and language to discuss this.
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