Child Development and Security

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Childhood is an important time of tremendous change, human beings continue to grow and develop during early adulthood, middle age, and senior years. In this assignment child development at different stages, relevant theories, clinical observations witnessed by the author and how parental mental health can effects child-rearing will be discussed.
Child development refers to the biological, psychological and emotional developments that occur in human beings from birth to the end of adolescence hood, as these individuals progress from dependency to increasing autonomy. According to Deville (2012) the developments that are vital for a child to achieve are physical, emotional, social, educational and cognitive developments. The development of children is considered vital in today’s world as it is important to understand the development of these areas and how they are related to one another. As a child grows in one area, this will effect and influence the development of another area in the children’s lives. These areas are crucial in development as they focus on the child as a whole. A child’s rate of development is as unique as the child itself meaning that each child develops differently while being influenced by physical, emotional, social, educational and cognitive factors they experience daily. A child's parents are the most important factors in their development…

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