Child Diagnosis

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Child Diagnosis The author of this paper is asked to diagnose a child's condition based on a series of symptoms. The author is also asked to provide treatment options and an overall treatment plan for the disordered diagnosed. The child in question is almost certainly autistic based on the totality of symptoms that exist and the author of this paper will justify this diagnosis and what should be done in response to the disorder being present. Diagnosis There are a number of tell-tale signs that point to this child having autism. First, Asperger's should be disqualified because children with Asperger's are generally blabby and will not shut up and that is not an issue that this child has. That being said, Asperger's patients generally dislike any break in routine or structure that the child is accustomed to and this is definitely true of the patient in this case but Asperger's is simply a milder form of autism and it is clear that this child's case is much more advanced (WebMD, 2012). Two facet of this child's behavior that screams autism is the habit of being in his own world and hating it when anyone disrupts it as well as lining up his blocks and other toys in very distinct rows and patterns and this is something he does over and over again. This is a telltale sign of autism. His attachment to certain items is a huge red flag as is his general lack of engagement with children around him in social situations. Granted, a two-year old will only have progressed so
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