Child Directed Vs Teacher Directed Curriculum

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Brain Research Says... In the past, curriculums ranged everywhere from children need to be taught everything to children learn totally on their own. There are many different theories out there about the best ways to teach. With the advancements of technology, scientists can now explore how the brain actually learns, grows, and responds. This new information is changing the approach to teaching in many schools around the world. Wolfe and Brandt (1998) state, “the brain that eventually takes shape is the result of interaction between the individual’s genetic inheritance and everything he or she experiences” The development of the cortex in late teens is closely related to a child 's cognitive stimulation at four years old. Other factors such as cognitive stimulation at eight year old and parental nurturing showed no effect on the brain scans. These results are proof of a sensitive period that determines the development of the cortex. It is extremely important to utilize the proper curriculum during this particular window of opportunity. The controversy over child-directed vs teacher-directed curriculum isn’t anything new but recent brain research has brought it back into the spotlights. Children learn best when they are fully engaged and interested in the topic. Each child is different and intern they are interested in different things. The task of finding one thing that interests everyone may be too difficult to accomplish but if the chosen subject is broad and can be

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