Child Exposure to Domestic Violence

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Child Exposure to Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is any willful intimidations, sexual assault, physical assaults, or any other forms of physical or verbal violent behavior by one intimate partner towards another. Domestic Violence can create both psychological and emotional effects on both the intended victim and anyone that witnesses it to include children. Some children that witness domestic violence are experiencing serious effects that they have to deal with all their lives. The severity of these effects on children depends on the intensity, consistency and whom is being assaulted. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Syndrome is one of the most serious effect that children are experiencing from Domestic Violence.
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Some parents may choose to do these behaviors in public as it may show others that they overpower the other parent, Phillip (2015). Public Domestic Violence often cause embarrassment to children which can be one of the causes of teen-agers run away from home just to avoid these type of parental behaviors. Teen-agers running away from home can be a way to avoid witnessing violence or to avoid embarrassment or just to punish the parents. Children may try to leave home looking for better place to live or to find someone that can provide better care for them. In some situation, older sibling may decide to interfere with this violence by stepping in to protect other siblings or one of the parents. In some occasions older children when run away from home, may take other siblings along to help prevent them from any further exposure to the violence.
While children are desperate to find their own ways out of Domestic Violence, Local and Federal Legal systems are creating laws and policies to intervene with this violence and protect children from exposure. Specialized programs and trainings are also in place to rehabilitate exposed children, and train young or inexperienced parent. The National Battered Women Advocate Center can help provide needed counseling and other help to rehabilitate
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