Child Food Insecurity

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Child Food Insecurity

Hunger is considered huge issue in the United States. When it comes to managing food sources, it is easy to get predications from children based on their immediate experiences of food rather than parental reports that rely mostly on the economic value such as mother, households etc.… because such predications for instance, cannot be more accurate as children express their felling just in daily basis. In the published article at San Diego State University on February 20.2017, "Children Are Aware of Food Insecurity and Take Responsibility for Managing Food Resources’’. Farm et al made extensive research about this important topic, and wrote surveys addressing their reports after the information they collected from the
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The appeals that they used were meant to persuade the readers, and to make them more aware about the severity of the issue which is food insecurity that demonstrate that the consumption of this particular type of food lacks its quality of food nutrition’s, and people consumed it due to the lack of budgeting at times or other unforeseen circumstances when they run out food that’s good in quality. This lead to what actually the entire claim in the article is about in which Farm et al are arguing about food hunger due to the lack of food nutrition’s, and the ability to afford a food that is good in quality and quantity in other words (food insecurity) by stating that children experiences were the best fit to be used in the research about this topic which helped in the observations of their claim. Further, I will…show more content…
This study was intended to rise the importance of the awareness of food insecurity express emotions when food is missing such as anger, and stress, and uncertainty etc.. it also addressed the different and variety of opinion of children and adult that were involved in the research for this topic. The adult’s perspective on food hunger was mostly because they did not have the money for the quality food. children expressed their felling when they were questioned about this based on the environment that they were surrounded. Children as well are responsible to provide good sources for their house holds. Taking this part of responsibility may seem very tough comparing to adults. it also indicated that when children were better fit than adults this was that adult see this from an economical view perspective, but children encounter this in daily basis that’s what makes a difference between the
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