Child Health And It 's Impact On Child Learning

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Child Health And It 's Impact On Child Learning In this essay the topic that is being discussed is Child Health. The things that will be discussed within this topic will be how child health impacts the way the child learns. The essay will also be discussing local resources that will be able to help the parents and the child. This essay is very helpful because a child 's health is very important and it can very well impact how the child learns throughout school or even when home schooling, so it 's good for parents who are going through these situations to find resources that will help them get through it. The health of a child is very important because as they get older, parents sometimes don 't know how the health of a child will impact their learning. Some parents postpone school for younger age children until they feel that they will be capable to succeed in a school setting, some parents choose to home school. In other research it shows that nutrition is a huge part of a child 's health and it may also have an impact on how a child learns. There are many ways that nutrition could have an influence on a child 's learning and why it 's hard for them to learn. Without balanced nutrition it makes it hard for a child to concentrate because of lack of nutrients. In our brains we have something called neurons and neurons need good fats, protein, complex carbohydrates, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and water. These different types of nutrients are
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