Child Health Inequalities And Its Dimensions

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In class we were given a word and asked to find two articles that related to the word we were given. Poverty, poverty impacts a lot of Americans as well as non- citizens of the United States. In order to live in poverty one is in the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor. In my first article “Child health inequalities and its dimensions in Pakistan” elaborates on the inequality in health and on the rate of poverty amongst the citizens of Pakistan. The well being of a good society is linked with the good health from its community. A persons health can be influenced by several factors those factors include employment unable to receive access to healthcare services, education and low income. Records indicate that Pakistan is at the bottom 5% of countries in the world in terms of spending on education and health and also ranked the lowest in the world with sub-Sahara Africa in terms of child health equality. Determinants of poverty are the following: location (rural/urban), household size, low education, gender, high dependency ratio and lack of access to basic utilities such as Electric, water, and trash. The first ever health policy was established in 1990. 49 health initiatives primarily focusing on diseases from the creation of Pakistan in 1947 until 2005. For the first time in 2005 the natural development agenda in Pakistan, provision for safe drinking water. Data revealed that people less than 20 years of age
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