Child Health and Well Being

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The purpose of this project is how we can ensure the health and safety of children in a childcare setting. We have to consider the welfare of every child who will be under our care once we are working in Childcare. We have to follow some certain guidelines and this project will help me to outline the requirements necessary to provide for the health and well being of the children, including their protection and ensuring a safe environment for them. This project will further discuss the Health and Safety Regulations, some Legislation involved in Childcare and we have to come up with some policies and procedures.

II. Critical Evaluation of Health and Safety issues in an ECCE setting
Health and Safety Awareness
As a
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• Childcare Act 1991
The Child Care Act of 1991 was the first piece of Irish legislation to focus on children. It defines a child as someone who is under 18 years of age (unless they are married). The Act is an extensive piece of legislation, and it is not within the remit of this text to discuss all aspects of it. For purposes, we will focus on Part VII of the Act, which defines a pre-school child and pre-school service.
Pre-school child: a child under six years of age who is not attending a national school or school providing an educational program similar to national school.
Pre-school service: any pre-school, playgroup, day nursery, crèche, daycare or other similar service which caters for preschool children. These include sessional, full time and drop in services.
The Child Care Act of 1991 is very important in relation to the protection of children. The Act puts a legal responsibility on any person charged with the care of any child to act in the child’s best interests- this is the most fundamental requirement of every person who works with children with whatever situation. It is also the primary legislation regulating the childcare policy.

• Childcare (Preschool) Regulations 2006
The Childcare (Pre-School Services) (No. 2) Regulations 2006 provides for standard of service, upkeep and care for any setting defined as pre-school. The regulations define a pre-school child to be one under the age of six
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