Child Hunger In America

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“There are 16.2 million children that live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis. As a result, they struggle with hunger at some time during the year.” (Hungry Children Suffer) Child hunger prevents children from getting all the vitamins that they need to sustain a healthy life. Some people believe that parents spend money on other wants besides food for their children. Around 3.1 million children die each year because of poor nutrition, which is nearly half of the children population, could this be because of the government? The government could be a problem to Child Hunger. Not to long ago Obama sends Seven Billion of our tax dollars to Africa because quit a few homes didn’t have electricity. Most of us…show more content…
Obama needs to focus more on the United States problems before he helps out other countries. More that thousand people die each day because they aren’t reaching the amount of vitamins they need to survive. This is not the only time Obama has sent money to other countries when we were in need of it. I think that Obama definitely has something to do with Child Hunger.
 Many people do not realize that hunger and malnutrition is a problem that many Americans face on a daily basis. Maybe, we are failing to realize that our country is not perfect, but if we don’t try to do anything then more and more children will die. The problem with child hunger is that the United States may not face as dramatic problems with hunger as that of other countries, but
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