Child Immunization Benefits

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Immunization is beneficial because they save families money. Amanda Z.Naprawa writes, “When a child gets sick with a vaccine-preventable illness (as with any very serious illness), she will need to seek treatment and this, of course, is going to cost something”(par.3).People need to get vaccinated frequently so that they are immune to this diseases. By getting vaccinated you will be preventing catching diseases especially the ones that make you severely ill. You will be have to end up paying expensive medical bills and treatment all that you could of saved by just getting a shot. Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that, “ vaccinations will prevent more than 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths among children born in…show more content…
Axel Springer SE suggests that “Take, for example, that same group of 4.1 million kids born in the U.S. in 2009. Researchers estimate that the vaccines they receive will save $13.5 billion in health treatment costs and almost $70 billion when measuring other costs to society, like lost productivity” Kids now are born into the world where there are so many opportunities. A couple months after a baby is born they have injected all kinds of vaccines to protect them.All those vaccines save them so much money in the long run.They won’t need to worry about them getting deadly diseases or anything.We know that all that comes with diseases is stress, problems and movie issues so you can easily avoid it by getting vaccinated and kids vaccinated.It is a proven fact that 13.5 billion maybe more has been saved in a year before because of kids getting immunized.All that money saved could be used to better
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