Child Immunization Essay

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The pros and cons of children immunization is my topic because being in the medical field it is my duty and responsibility to educate parents about the vaccinations which child is receiving and be able to explain to the parents what the vaccination is for and how to protect their child from illness or deadly diseases. According to MedlinePlus website the meaning of immunization (vaccination) is a way to trigger your immune system and prevent serious, life threatening diseases.17

Vaccination is another form of keeping our children healthy, especially when they are in school or daycare center. They are exposed to all kinds of illnesses and diseases, by getting them vaccinated their immune system will eventually starts
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Some countries are not fortunate enough to get the routine vaccinations for themselves or their children. Also, it will be difficult to determine who’s contracted the disease from abroad so we must protect ourselves and family.

My research shows show there is still a risk of vaccines such as allergies, autism, multiple sclerosis and possibly SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Therefore the natural way for our children’s immune system to be strong is let them expose to germs. Once their body is immune to the disease it will recognize and destroy it. Newborns, babies and toddlers may have some protection from their mother however it is only for a short period of time. Some parents are opposed to giving their child vaccination because partly of religious belief, philosophical or personal moral or it could due to financial reason. In the third world country they do not have government-funded public immunization programs therefore most children are not vaccinated.

According to my research, in 1796 Dr. Edward Jenner developed a vaccine for smallpox disease however during this time only cows were infected. This vaccine came from the cowpox virus. In 1809, the state of Massachusetts became the first to mandate the smallpox vaccinations then in 1879 a group of Anti-Vaccination of America was formed and their belief is that no one should be forced to vaccination. They believed that the vaccine was spreading the disease instead of preventing it. In 1986
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