Child Intervention Plan Essay

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When developing an intervention plan for a person with Asperger syndrome everything has to be plain and simple. First one must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) written for the student. IEP define as” a legal binding document that spells out exactly what special educations services your child receives, including the disability which they qualifies for special education”( An intervention plan has to have everything in writing? A clear definition and description of the plan. What will transpire in the plan from A to Z.? What behaviors need adjustments or change? How and when change will occur? Will the plan have an emergence or back up plan in the case of a crisis?
A measure of how successful the plan will be. Has the intervention plan
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• Tantrums and damaging property when he does not want to do work or finish it.
• Unable to work in class finds it frustrating because of the noise level.
Function of the behavior
• Allow student to relieve anxiety
• Talk it out, vent, what triggered it.
Past Implemented Intervention
• Time outs
• Tokens
• Positive and negative reinforcement
Replacement Behavior
• Ask for help
• Recognize anger, cool down, vent with teacher or counselor
• Step out of class, walk in hall or outside
• Send to resource class or room
• Complete assignments in resource or at home
• Give student 2 extra points for each assignment half way complete and 5extra points for complete assignment.
• Ask for help and allowed to complete assignment in study period.
• Reduce
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