Child Labor: Abuse and Maltreatment of Children

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It is the employment of children where they are

used as tools and obligated to perform various types of work such as manufacture,

construction, domestic servants, carpet weaving, agriculture, etc. Child labor was once an

issue that has been ignored, but now it has become a major issue worldwide. There are

different forms of child labor: child prostitution, begging, child soldiers, domestic

servants, etc. Approximately 211 million children from five through 14 years old are involved in

child labor, especially in third-world countries like Africa and Asia. In Cambodia, seventy-three

percentage of children work and in Morocco, about eighty-four percentage (Unite for Sight). In

some countries, children who are forced into child labor due to their families’ inability to provide

food and education, or are forced against their will, are vulnerable to abuse and maltreatment

while working for little or no pay.

Poverty is often a major reason for children working, but sometimes it is used as

an excuse to defend child labor (Global March Against Child Labor 42). In some

underdeveloped countries, families who are unable to provide for themselves, may also

not be able to afford education for their children either. However, poverty is not the only

cause for child labor. Parents who do not have jobs as a result of the reduction of jobs,

illness, and layoffs. Therefore, children are pulled from schools and placed…
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