Child Labor During The 1800 ' S

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Zach Wood October 5, 2016 Child Labor 1880-1910 Child labor was very common in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s in many places. Child labor usually took place in a factory working on a manufacturer line or doing as much physical labor as they could possibly do, being as young as they are. These kids who took part in child labor started some as early as the age of four or five, and then kept working until the day they died. Most of the time these kids has to work as much or sometimes more than even adults nowadays work. They would go to the factory while the sun comes up, work all day, and then go home at night to eat; and then wake up and do it all again the next day. These kids also were not working easy jobs, these jobs were very physical and hard labor. Also, the working conditions these kids worked in were not always as good as they needed to be. Sometimes they would even be put in situations where they could die any time of the day while at work. The wage for these kids were not to good either, some would get paid very, very little, and some would not get paid at all. Kids had no choice but to work and if they didn’t work they would not survive, therefore they would really work for any price. Which was usually a lot cheaper than any adult would work for. There were many different place in which child labor took place in, places ranging from just cleaning houses, or doing small house work, to a full day job with very intense physical labor.
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