Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution Essay

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If you were to go to a restaurant right now how old do you think your waiter would be? Twenty? Thirty? What if I told you that your waiter was an eight year old? What if the eight year wasn’t working in a nice restaurant but instead was working in a dangerous factory? During the Industrial Revolution, child labor was completely legal. In fact, many companies hired children on purpose because they didn’t have to pay them as much and also because they were more obedient than adults. Thankfully child labor is now illegal and you most likely won’t get a job until you’re about 16 years old if not older. Child labor during the industrial revolution was very common and also very dangerous. The children would work in mines or factories. Mines were very cramped and also there was the constant threat of the mine collapsing on you. Factories weren’t any safer, children could get…show more content…
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the main federal law that restricts the abuse and employment of child workers. It prevents children from being employed in jobs that are dangerous and protects the educational opportunities of children. They restrict the hours someone under the age of 16 can work and also have a list of jobs that are too dangerous for children to have. Along with the FLSA, each state has their own set of child labor laws that they follow. Since children generally don’t get jobs until they are 16, they are able to focus on their education and not as many children drop out. The conditions of factories and mines now are overall safer due to innovations that have been made and precautions that are taken to prevent accidents. The children who choose to work are given a reasonable about of hours to work and are also generally paid minimum wage ($7.25/hour). Along with all of this there are many groups that work to make sure child labor laws are just and that no child is forced to work in dangerous
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