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Child Labor Child labor has been around for long time and it still exists in today's world. Thiskind of labor provides problems or difficulties in the economic world. Child labor is social problem with the rise of industrial production and capitalism. It appeared in earlier ages in agricultural societies when the children all around the world had to work along with 19th century, spreading to many countries. The problems started when many children, younger than ten years old, were employed by factories. In this paper I will address the issues and history of child labor, the child labor laws, and my suggestions or solutions to child labor problems. Child labor is defined as the employment of children under the…show more content…
Of these, 120 million children are working full time to help support their families. Of those, 171 million work in hazardous conditions, such as working in mines, working with chemicals and working with dangerous machinery. Most of these workers are in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. There are 153 million of child laborers in Asia, 80 million in Africa and 17.5 million in Latin America. Sub-Saharan Africa has an estimated 48 million child workers. Approximately 2.5 million children are working in industrialized and transition economies. Child labor is also reported in Italy, Portugal, UK, US and Eastern Europe. The Children’s Rights Division at Human Watch says that children who work long hours in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, are exposed to lasting physical and psychological harm. The Children’s Rights Division gave some examples of work that children are harmed from. Working at rug looms, has left children disabled with eye damage, lung disease and stunted growth. Children making silk thread in India dip their hands into boiling water that burns and blisters them, breath smoke and fumes from machinery and medical care if often not available. There is also bonded labor, which takes place when a family hand over their child to an employer for an advance payment. In most cases the child can’t work off the debt, and neither can the family raise

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