Child Labor In The Industrial Revolution

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Chu Chu Chu
Ms. Glenn
United States History I I
November 21, 2017
Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution was kind to the advancement of mankind but not to those who worked to advance mankind. For better or for worse, the industrial revolution was a time period in which many changes took place in England. Mankind would eventually benefit from all the technological advancements made at this time. But the citizens of the time suffered through horrible work conditions. Some historians look back and reflect on the time as a period in which Britain was rich and powerful. But as they delve in to the living conditions of the time, rich would not be the word to describe majority of the citizens. Whether the industrial revolution was beneficial or detrimental is not a question that can be easily answered.

The issue of child labor is one that always arises in the discussion of the industrial revolution.Child labor was a ongoing problem because families were so poor they often times could not afford to send them to school, instead they would send them to the factories to work long hours often with minimal pay. There were many different types of jobs in the Industrial Revolution, depending on how fortunate the children are to be employed in an industry where there was less hard labor such as trade while the less fortunate to be worked on a farm or in the textile industry.
There is evidence in the mid-1800s reports, including one in 1843 that said that small
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