Child Labor : Insight On The Human Rights Violation Today

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Isabella Piergiovanni
Modern Global Studies
Period 4
Ms. Radovic
17 May 2016
Child Labor: Insight on the Human Rights Violation Today
Worldwide child labor originated during the Industrial Revolution first in England then the U.S.; many families sent their children to work or else they could not survive because they were poor and many hazardous jobs at the time were considered appropriate for children, even though now many people (but not enough) know better. Everyone had the belief that children should be working and no one was concerned if they didn’t get a formal education, an ideology that has somehow become instilled in the minds of many “employers” of these children today without any moral question or concern. Now, children are used as cheap and efficient labor capital by governments and corporations around the world and it is a direct human rights violation that could be easily avoided. Currently, 168 - 215 million children internationally are involved in child labor, and 85 million of those children are in hazardous work. Out of all the children currently working, 98 million of them work in agriculture (59%), 54 million work in services, and 12 million work in industries. Both services and industries are counted in the informal sector of the economy, and child labor plays an extremely large part in the economies of impoverished countries where it is extremely hard to break the poverty cycle because of this particular human rights violation.
All over the world…
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