Child Labor Is A Harmful Problem In The World

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With an estimated 150 million children ages five to fourteen working, child labor is a serious problem in many of the world’s poorest countries (Americans’ Attitudes, 2017). Constrained to work long hours in hazardous jobs, numerous children in poverty have little alternatives but to work to help bolster their families. Aside from the physical risk these children face, their prospects for rising from poverty are greatly weakened, as without an education, they have little hope of developing the skills they need (Americans’ Attitudes, 2017). You might not think that you are remotely connected to child labor. You may reason that it occurs only in other countries and it is illegal where you live but you are wrong. In fact, many items used in today’s world have been picked or crafted by child workers. As consumers, we shouldn’t support companies that endorse child labor.
To understand why child labor is still relevant and how we, as consumers, can help stop it, we must understand the forces behind it. Because child labor is such a complex issue with a variety of indirect and direct causes, there is no single factor that can explain child labor practices in developing countries. Poverty is the most common cause of child labor, but besides that, there are many unintended factors that cause it. The main causes are uneducated parents who are more likely to consider education insignificant, social structure of the community that has been tolerant towards child labor, a country’s
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