Child Labor Is A Violation Of Fundamental Human Rights

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Child Labor
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Position Paper

Part 1 History and Background of Child Labor
Child labor became most prevalent during the Industrial Revolution, which took place from 1760-1840, and has become prominent throughout our world since. Children would work around 19 hours a day, having approximately a one hour break, and work for almost no pay. In the 1900’s, statistics showed that over 200 million children were involved in the act of child labor worldwide, and 73 million of them were under 10 years old. By the year of 2012, that rate lowered to 168 million, which is 11% of children worldwide. Child labor does not just consist of agricultural work, but includes drug trafficking, child prostitution/pornography, armed combat, and working in factories. However, 60% of children in child labor work in the agricultural industry. “Child labor is a violation of fundamental human rights and has been shown to hinder children’s development, potentially leading to a physical or psychological damage.” The main causes of child labor are poverty within families, lack of free education offered, and lack of law enforcement. When families are faced with low income and they cannot afford for their children to go to school, they send their children to work to increase their income. Based off of the Declaration of Human Rights, child labor is a violation…
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