Child Labor Persuasive Speech

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You would want to change or help something that you find important and things you cared for. These three teens found something important to them and they tried to make it better or to fix it. Are any of these important to you? If you were one of these teens how would you help something that is important to you? School? Child labor? Caring for animals without homes? All important but do people actually help these things? Three teens take a step forward and try to help these three things. How would you help?

School is important right? But what if i told you 23 million girls and children don’t go to school. Malala's school closed when she was only 12 years old. Even if you hate school, it's going to be different, there might be a positive or negative impact. Malala became a symbol, someone people look up to or is doing a good thing so they inspire others, to people all around the world.
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A young boy got sold into slavery so his parents could pay off their $12 debt. That’s not right, well a group of kids got together and tried to put an end to this. “Kids are our future.” Yes that’s true and child labor isn’t the right thing so if you want your child to have a future child labor shall be stopped. If you think it’s okay to sell your child to pay off a debt, owing money, then you got some issues. Imagine being on the streets, no home, no love, that’s what Faye Carrey is trying to stop. She want all dogs to have a home. Faye Carrey finds dogs and/or puppies important so what does she do to help them out? Faye spends her days caring for dogs she either brings them home or she takes them to an animal shelter and helps them out there. “We're just quite lucky and blessed to have Faye," says Mr Oliver. Faye managed to re-home, to find a new owner and home, more than 60
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